Co-curricular activities play a major role in the training imparted at School. They provide impetus for the development of the students' creative faculties and skill. The students learn by doing and participating in these activities, according the their aptitudes and areas of interest. All the students are expected to take part in some of these activities. These include:

Paper Craft
Dance-Indian and western
Scouts and Guides

In addition to these, there are organized groups and societies engaged in promoting cultural activities such as:

Science Activity Council (SAC)
Association of Literary Languages (ALL)
Young Generation Commerce Association (VGCA)

In addition to these activities, there are various clubs:

Science Club
Environment Club
Literary & Cultural Club
Music Club
Arithmetic Club (AC)
Eco Club

Summer Courses

When most Schools close down for the summer vacation, The Krishna Valley bustles with activity. The Hobby centres and Computer Centre are then in full swing. Now is the time when the students indulge in various vocational pursuits. Enough opportunity is provided to students round the year to unearth their latent talents and to bring out their best. A handicrafts and science exhibition is held annually to display and encourage the creations of young hands and young minds.